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Sir Ken Robinson - Imagine if...

We're excited to announce that the full schedule for the Imagine if… live stream on Thursday 4th March 2021, inspired by the work of Sir Ken Robinson, is now live!!

Featuring contributions from HundrED, One Young World, Genius 100 Foundation, The Eden Project, the Lego Foundation, Heston Blumenthal, Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn and many more.

Performances from the Ballet Boyz, Matsena Productions, and El Sistema, poets from Slam Out Loud and Roundhouse Young Creatives and a tribute to Dame Gillian Lynne.

Also a chance to see the world premiere of TED Ed's 'Imagine if…" and a very special evening with Sir Ken Robinson recorded at The Roundhouse, his last ever live performance.

Full line-up (in running order)

Sir Ken Robinson | Nevergrey | TED Ed | RSA | Ballet Boyz | Genius 100 Foundation | Rakaya Fetuga |Professor Andy Hargreaves | PTTOW! | Heston Blumenthal | Peter Miller | Orlando Bloom | Chris Anderson | TED | Lynne and Land Foundation | Daryl Beeton | HundrED | Saku Tuominen | Muskan Tanwani | Goldie Hawn | MindUP | Education Cities | Blue School | El Sistema Global | Nancy Conrad | Eden Project | Living Tree | Timothy Shriver | Sugata Mitra | Chisara Agor | Meaning in Madness | Lego Foundation | Artswork | REACH for Community | Kermit the Frog | Ted Dintersmith | Supriya Kumari | Richard Curtis CBE | Philip Patston | Dr Michael Hynes | Action for Children's Arts | Angela Duckworth | City of Imagination | Penny Hay | Ken Hertz | Matsena Productions | Jackie Cooper | Sadlers Wells | Pasi Sahlberg | Andrew Grant | Sal Khan | One Young World | Brian Tart | Hugh Jackman | and An Evening with Sir Ken Robinson at the Roundhouse.

How to watch


Our12 hour celebration of Sir Ken's life and work will stream live globally at10AM GMT(2AM PST | 5AM EST | 6PM HKT | 9PM AEDT), as well as Sir Ken Robinson's social channels (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter), finishing at 10PM GMT (2PM PST | 5PM EST | 6AM HKT | 9AM AEDT)

Fringe Festival


The official Imagine if… Fringe Festival is still underway, with events from around the world. Take a look at the full agenda for the Fringe Festival here.

About Imagine if...

Imagine if… is inspired by Sir Ken's observation that what separates us out from other life on earth is our power of imagination – the power to bring things to mind that are not present to our senses. It is this power of imagination that allows us to create the world in which we live, as well as to recreate it. The week-long celebration will hero creativity around the world, showcase the best of what humankind has to offer, celebrate the diversity of our talents, and honour the key themes that were woven throughout Sir Ken’s life work. It will also give us, his global community, an opportunity to come together to mark his passing and commit to continuing his legacy together. This event, organised by Sir Ken's team at Nevergrey, will be the first in an annual festival of human potential taking place on the week of his birthday for years to come.

Join Imagine If...

Sir Ken wrote that “we don’t live in the world as other creature’s do, we create the worlds that we live in.” One of the great tragedies of his death is that there has never been a more important time for this message. We find ourselves at a shared crossroads as we collectively try to navigate one of the most turbulent periods in living history.

Sir Ken advised that in our effort to “return to normal” we should be re-evaluating what type of normal we want to return to. This theme will be at the core of the event, as we invite one and all to re-imagine the aspects of our lives that we take for granted by finishing the sentence “Imagine if…”

We hope that you can join us for an incredible festival that will pull together the global community that is passionate about keeping Sir Ken’s message alive. Together we can continue the work that he started and that changed the lives of so many.


Here at the DTEA, many of us knew Sir Ken, or were inspired by him. Some of us have put the following video together to highlight what he meant to us, and the work we share with him.

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