The DTEA are working on a number of initiatives with a focus on advocating for Drama and Theatre. 

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DTEA Initiatives

Our conference in July 2020, Getting Our Act Together, threw up lots of issues being faced by teachers, institutions, theatres, practitioners and others working in drama and theatre today.


Many of these were related to current affairs surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic, but most were systemic issues which have existed for some time.

The DTEA is supporting its members on specific initiatives:

  • The London Theatre Consortium is leading on Representation in Drama (RiND). They are working on various objectives and have successfully supported exam boards in diversifying set texts for Drama GCSEs and A-Levels, and continue to advocate for improved representation.

  • The TEF, PYA England and NAYT are leading on Theatre in Education, improving relationships between schools and theatres, practitioners and theatre companies.

As a collective effort, the DTEA continues to advocate for Drama in schools with a focus on key stages 1-3.