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European Theatre Forum 2020

Our friends and colleagues at ASSITEJ are engaged in the European Theatre Forum 2020 that takes place this week from Wednesday to Friday.

The forum is a new initiative created by a consortium of many European performing arts networks and supported by the EU Commission. The support and engagement from the commission mean that the Forum can potentially feed into the policy development of EU and Creative Europe.

The hope in the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ is that performing arts for young audiences and ASSITEJ can be active and visible in the policy development and potentially applying for becoming a Creative Europe Supported network.

In order to make this contribution in the best possible way, we in the European ASSITEJ centres, networks and individual memberships, need to establish a collective dialogue about the topic.

In the EC we hope to call for a European meeting in the coming months to start the dialogue with you.

As a preparation for this, we encourage you to follow the live streamings of the forum:

ASSITEJ has made a post on their Facebook site that you are welcome to share

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